Introduction XK319A-T8isauseof- △ high-speed,high-precisionA/Dconversiontechnology;LCD,soft-switchingfunction,allstainlesssteelshell,strongtexture;interfacesealingstrips,haveagoodproof,waterproofperformance;payDC,built6V/2.8Ahbattery,anda
Product introduction:


XK319A-T8 is a use of Σ-△ high-speed, high-precision A / D conversion technology; LCD, soft-switching function, all stainless steel shell, strong texture; interface sealing strips, have a good proof, waterproof performance; pay DC, built 6V/2.8Ah battery, and a low battery alarm function; with weighing, counting, cumulative, alarm indication on the assembly line, a switch output (optocoupler isolation) and other functions, widely used in electronic truck scale , electronic floor scale, weighing a variety of mechanical and electrical integration, said the field


Basic functions 

  stainless steel housing, sealed waterproof design

  6 bit Liquid crystal display, 16 status indication 

  6 buttons, functional definition of science, lucid 

  a key backlight, always open, turn off the backlight 

  Unit Kg, Ib, OZ, PCS optional 

  counting function: a key accumulated a total value of zero View 

  Three Zone Alarm function: alarm can be set upper and lower limits, and  with the switch output 

  6V/2.8Ah built-in rechargeable battery, under point alarm function 

communication: RS232/RS485 (optional), 20mA current loop


Technical Parameters 

   Accuracy class: Ⅲ fraction degree n ≥ 3000

   A / D converter: Σ-△ conversion, 50 times / sec, 500,000 in the yard 

   Sensor: can be accessed 10 350Ω or 700Ω 20 analog sensors 

   Sensor signal range: 0 to ± 19mv 

   Sensors for the bridge voltage: DC 5V, 1A drive capability 

   Linearity error: ± 0.01% F.S 

   Maximum sensitivity: 0.5uV / d 

   Display: 12 LED indication, 7 status LEDs

   Key: thin film inductive, 10 numeric keys, six function keys