I ntroduction XK 319A-A2(P)isahigh-precision-△high-speedA/Dconverters,AC-DCdual-useweighingdisplay.Allstainlesssteelbodydesigntohighlightthehigh-end,avarietyofcommunicationinterfaces,widelyusedinelectronictruckscale,electronicfloorscales,
Product introduction:



  Stainless steel weighing indicator XK319A-A2P/A2 adopts high precision and fast speed Σ -Δ  A/D converters,  AC-DC power supply, stainless steel housing, optional variety communication interfaces, widely applied in electronic truck scale,electroic floor scale,electromechanical scale etc weighing field.

Basic functions 

  7 bit 0.8 inches bright LED display, 10 status indication 

  18 keys, the operation more convenient and more clear

  Can be connected to 10 350Ω or 20 700Ω analog load cells 

  Save 512 tare weighing records and 1500 weighing records, check and print records

  With optional interfaces, including RS-485, RS-232, 20mA current loop output, connect to PC&scoreboard

  AC/DC power supply ,automatically switches, external 12V rechargable battery

  XK319-A2 connect external printer, XK319A-A2P with build-in micro computer

  Optional setting for print format, content and print automatically

  Automatic tri-division (selectable)

Technical Parameters 

  Accuracy class: Ⅲ max  verified counts n ≥ 3000

  A / D converter: Σ-△ conversion, 50 times / sec, 500,000 code

  Load cell: connect 10 350Ω or 700Ω 20 analog load cells

  Load cell signal range: 0 to ± 19mv 

  Load cell for the bridge voltage: DC 5V, 1A drive capability 

  Linearity error: ± 0.01% F.S 

  Maximum sensitivity: 0.5uV / d 

  Display: 7 LED indication, 10 status indication

  Key: thin film inductive, 10 numeric keys, 8 function keys 

  Communication: RS232, RS485 bus ,20mA current loop 

  Working environment: Temperature -20 ~ +50 ºC., relative humidity ≤ 85% RH 

  Power Supply: AC 220V/50Hz/0.75A or DC12V/2A 

  Power consumption: ≤ 15W 

  Exterior Dimensions: length × width × height = 310 × 230 × 170mm