Introduction XK319A-D21(P)isa18 channeldigitalsensorscanbeexternal,ACandDCweighingdisplay.FlameretardantABShousingprojects,highstrength,corrosionresistance,avarietyofinterfaces,widelyusedinelectronictruckscale,electronicfloorscale,mechanica
Product introduction:


XK319A-D21(P) weighing indicator can connect 18-channel digital load cell, AC/DC power supply, flame-related ABS housing, high strength, strong corrision resistance, optional communication interfaces, widely applied in electronic truck scale, electronic floor scale, electromagnetic scale etc weighing system. 

Basic functions: 

ABS housing, high strength, strong corrosion resistance 

7 bits highlight LED display,10 status indication 

18 keys,make the operation more convenient and clear 

Can connect to 18 digital load cells 

Auto/manual angle correction 

Save 500 tare weight records and 1500 weighing records 

Achieve once storage print, twice storage (tare) print, preset the tare print 

Optional interface, including RS-485,RS-232,20mA current loop output, connect to PC and scoreboard 

AC/DC power supply,switch automatically,external 12V rechargable battery 

XK319A-D21P external wide line printer, XK319A-D21P with built-in micro printer, set parameters for printer 

Optional setting for print format, content and print automatically 


Technological Parameters: 

Accuracy class: 3, n = 3000 

load cell : digital load cells can be connected to 18 

Load cell Communication: RS-485 bus 

Load cell for the bridge voltage: DC 12V, 2A drive capability 

Display: 7 LED indication, 10 status indication 

Buttons: thin film inductive, 10 numeric keys, 8 function keys 

Communication mode: RS232, RS485 bus, 20mA current loop 

Baud Rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600bps optional 

Divisions: 1/2/5/10/20/50/100 adjustable 

Working environment: Temperature -20 ~ +50 ºC 

Relative humidity ≤ 85% RH 

Power: AC 220V/50Hz/0.75A or DC12V/2A 

Power consumption: ≤ 20W 

Exterior Dimensions: length × width × height = 310 × 270 × 170mm