Introduction XK319A-T1isauseof - △ high-speed,high-precisionA/Dconverters,AC- DCdualuseweighingdisplay.Allstainlesssteelbodydesigntohighlightthehigh end,avarietyofinterfaces,widelyusedinelectronictruckscale,electronicfloorscale,weighingav
Product introduction:


 XK319A-T1 is a use of Σ-△ high-speed, high-precision A / D converters, AC-DC dual use weighing display. All stainless steel body design to highlight the high-end, a variety of interfaces, widely used in electronic truck scale, electronic floor scale, weighing a variety of mechanical and electrical integration, said the field. With weighing, peak hold, count, upper and lower alarm, switch control and other functions, can be used with a variety of sensors electronics, force measurement system Control and simple ingredients.


Basic functions 

 6 bright LED display, 12 status indication 

There are three areas upper and lower alarm function,twoway switch output status lights indicate there 

peak hold function: can detect a maximum measurement process, and with overload protection, auto-stop function 

counting function: weight, quantity displayed a key switch, convenient, can remember the weight - the number of conversion factor 

 built-6V4Ah maintenance-free batteries with rechargeable shutdown, due to electric lights, over-discharge protection circuit 

complete interface, including RS-485, RS-232 bus, 20mA current loop output for easy connection to a computer and the big screen 

acknowledge bus system, multi-level network communication


Technical Parameters 

Accuracy class: Ⅲ fraction degree n ≥ 3000

A / D converter: Σ-△ conversion, 50 times / sec, 500,000 in the yard 

Sensor: can be accessed 10 350Ω or 700Ω 20 analog sensors 

Sensor signal range: 0 to ± 19mv 

Sensors for the bridge voltage: DC 5V, 1A drive capability 

Linearity error: ± 0.01% F.S 

Maximum sensitivity: 0.5uV / d 

Display: 6 LED indication, 12 status LEDs

Key: thin film inductive, 10 numeric keys, six function keys 

Communication: RS232, RS485 bus ,20mA current loop 

Working environment: Temperature -20 ~ +50 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 85% RH 

Power Supply: AC 220V/50Hz/0.75A or DC12V/2A 

Power consumption: ≤ 15W 

Exterior Dimensions: length × width × height = 248×160×160mm