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Weighing sensor installation
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Weighing sensor installation

  For non-professional users, direct use of the load cell is a certain difficulty. During installation, you must take into  account a variety of issues. Weighing module is a new load cell, it will load cell, load transfer devices and installation 

connections and other components together, you can easily and mechanical devices of various shapes connected weighing system components. Such as connecting raceway, platform, stand cans. 
Weighing module is a practical structure for sensor accessories. From the roof, the substrate, weighing sensors, load bearing columns and bearing bolts composition. Depending on the load bearing columns and roof, divided into fixed, semi-floating and floating three structures. In a weighing system, the use of a fixed module, a semi-floating modules make up the rest with floating modules, generally divided into three and four of a set. Three set for the three-point bearing four set for four o'clock support. Weighing module can be very easily installed in containers of various shapes, and suitable for transformation of existing equipment, whether it is a container, hopper, or reactor, with weighing module, can become a weighing system. 
  Compared with the existing electronic scales, weighing module biggest feature is subject to site constraints, flexible 
assembly, easy maintenance and inexpensive. Floor scale platform, to a certain area, and the weighing module installed in the container holding point, without additional covering. Particularly suitable for a plurality of containers arranged in 
parallel in tight places and venues. Electronic weighing scale and the value of a certain size, and weighing module consists of weighing systems, the range and the value of the instrument can be allowed within the settings according to their needs. Weighing module maintenance, if the sensor is damaged, you can adjust the scale body supporting screw from the top, do not remove the weighing module, you can replace the sensor. In addition, the weighing module structure is simple, and thus by the weighing modules weighing system, the investment is relatively small.
Weighing module system is compact, without adding extra accessories, with fixed, floating and semi-floating type used in 
combination to form a weighing system that can automatically eliminate container deformation and stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction bearing point the impact of changes. Weighing module installed system can guarantee high precision weighing sensor, and good long-term stability, but also solved due to improper installation of weighing errors. Use measuring device weighing module can usually achieve better than five ten thousandths weighing accuracy.