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Notice in using process of weighing instrument
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Notice in using process of weighing instrument

 Electronic weighing instrument generally widely used in food , machinery and equipment , transport and 

logistics ,rubber and other industries. In the course of using the electronic weighing instrument, regular
maintainance and repair is needed. Furthermore, the following is need to notice in using process:
As electronic weighing instrument are high precision instruments, please refer to the gradienter and adjust its horizontal position, so as not to affect the accuracy of weighing .
1. Do not exceed the maximum weighing range of products , if overloaded , it will destroy the product . 
2 .To use at normal room temperature , do not put too cold or hot environments. ,
3. when unused for long periods , you should unplug from the mains power switch off , power supply need good contact .
4 connectors maintenance every six months , supporting head butter .
5 . Always check whether the space is a reasonable limit , the limit should not touch the body bolts and scales .
6 .Please put electronic scales in a clean environment, dust, dirt , moisture, vibration, as well as for electrical appliances near the air flow will affect the accuracy of the product .
7 Avoid vigorous shaking , floor or vibration , ensuring accurate electronic scales .
8 . Periodic special inspection agencies applying for certification to ensure compliance with the requirements of accuracy , identify problems and timely adjusting.
9 meter can not be used in environments with strong sunlight , location should be balanced .